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 Part 1: Definitions You/ Your: The customer TG Property Renovations/ We/ Us/ Our: TG Property Renovations Ltd. Cancellation Period: The period ending 14 days after the Contract Start Date. Contract Start Date: The date on which we receive your confirmation of Your Order. Agreement: these terms and conditions and the order. Estimated Start Date: the date which has been agreed between TG Property Renovations and You that the works are expected to begin. Equipment: the equipment to be provided as part of the works. Price: The amount to be paid by You to Us in respect of the Works to be carried out, as set out in the Order, plus VAT at the current rate. Order: the written order for the Works, based on our quotation and information given by You to Us either online or over the telephone. Site: The property where the Works are to carried out. Work(s): The Works as described in the Order. 

Part 2: Accepting the Order The Order will only be valid for you to accept for 30 days from the date set out in it. If You don’t sign and return it in time or if the information which You have given to Us before it has been prepared in not correct (which You should tell us about) then a new Order in needed. If You would like Us to do the Work, You need to sign the Order and return it to Us, the date we receive it is what We will call the Contract Start Date. These terms are then binding on both You and TG Property Renovations but You can cancel the Order within the Cancellation Period if You change Your mind. See part 10 which talks about this. 

Part 3: Changes to the Price If We incur any additional costs because of (1) changes to the Works which you have asked for, or (2) the information which you have given to us isn’t right, or (3) unexpected things which are outside of our control, we can change the Price. This might be before the Work starts or whilst it is going on. We will tell You if there is more that You have to pay, and You then have to pay within 14 of Our notice. Again if You pay us by cheque then We have to wait and payment is not made until the money has cleared in Our account. Work may have to be delayed or suspended until payment is received. 

Part 4: What you are agreeing to do If You sign and return the Order, You agree that: - You will pay the Price. - You have got (or will get) all consents that are needed to allow the Works to be carried out. -You will promptly give Us any information which We may reasonably require for the Works to be done. - You will give Us full access to the Site to carry out the Works. 

Part 5: What We are agreeing to do We agree that: - We will try to ensure that the Works begin as soon as reasonably possible after the Estimated Start Date and will keep You informed of any changes. You and We both acknowledge that starting, carrying out and completing the Works may be dependent on receiving permissions from third parties and the Works may be delayed if those permissions are delayed or unavailable for reasons beyond Our control. - We will try to ensure that the Works are completed within the time period estimated and agreed with You. If unavoidable delays arise We will update You on any revised completion date. We will notify You when the Works have been completed. -The Works will be designed and carried out in compliance with the terms which We have agreed with You to a reasonable standard, taking due care and according to the applicable laws and regulations which are in force at the time the Work is carried out. 

Part 6: Things that you and we are responsible for you accept that you have to pay us any reasonable losses or costs that we incur as a result of any failure on your part to comply with your responsibilities under the agreement. We will be responsible for correcting any defects in the works which are notified to Us within 60 months of the date of completion of the Works. We will also bear the risk of loss or damage caused by Us until the Works are completed. We will also make good any damage to Your property which is caused by doing the Works. These things are subject to Parts 7 and 8 if they apply. However, nothing in this agreement shall restrict Our liability to You, nor Your liability to Us, if it is not possible to exclude or limit liability as a matter of law. This includes liability for (1) death or personal injury caused by negligence, (2) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation and (3) non-excludable statutory rights of the consumers. 

Part 7: Things that We are not responsible for: We are not responsible for the cost of repairing or making good any pre-existing fault or damage to your property that is discovered in the course of doing the Works. Under no circumstances will the liability of TG Property Renovations to You be more than the Price nor can any liability be accepted for any damage or loss resulting from any failing on Your part to meet Your obligations under the agreement. We are not responsible for correcting any defects in the Works which are transferred into Your ownership which are notified to Us after 60 months of the date of completion of the Works. 

Part 8: Things that neither You or We are responsible for Neither You or We will be liable to the other party under any circumstances for any loss of revenue, good will or profit (whether direct or indirect), or for any consequential or indirect loss, that may arise from any breach of the agreement, or from something that You or We haven’t done. Should either You or We not be reasonably able to do what we have agreed to do under the agreement for reasons that are not within Your or Our reasonable control, then we don’t have to do those things until we are reasonably able to do them. This does not apply to your agreement to pay us. 

Part 9: Rights to end this Agreement If You do not or are not able to pay Your debt(s) to Us in full or become insolvent or breach the agreement, or if any part of the Works has not been completed within 6 months of the Contract Start Date, then We can end the agreement by giving You written notice. If We do not or are not able to pay Our debt(s) to You in full or become insolvent or breach the agreement, or if any part of the Works has not been completed within 6 months of the Contract Start Date, then You can end the agreement by giving Us written notice. If We end the agreement because the Works have not been completed, if it You end the agreement, We will give you a refund but We will be able to keep any costs that we have reasonably incurred up to that point together with a reasonable amount as a contribution to profits and overhead costs. This will not affect any other rights that We or You have for those things. 

Part 10: You’re right to cancel your order you may cancel the Order at any time within the Cancellation period by contacting us and making a clear statement that you wish to cancel the Order. You don’t have to give Us a reason. We will confirm Your cancellation in writing within 7 days of Your intention to cancel having been received. If you cancel the Order We will refund to You any payment that You have made for Works that have not yet been provided to You. If You cancel the Order you will still have to pay Us any costs that We have reasonably incurred in starting to fulfil the Order and this will be taken off any refund that is due to You together will a reasonable amount as a contribution to profits and overhead costs. If no refund is due to You, then the costs will be invoiced to You. We will tell You what these costs are when You contact Us to cancel. If you cancel the Order We will collect any goods that have already been delivered to the Site and which have not been installed. 

Part 11: Complaints Procedure If You have any questions or wish to make a complaint, please contact Us in writing, addressing all correspondence by email to lee@tgpropertyrenovations.co.uk. We will respond to any correspondence received from You in writing within 7 days of receipt. 

Part 12: Data protection and Privacy Policy By requesting a quotation, whether or not it is accepted, You give Us Your consent that We may store such data as We, or companies that We work with, may require in the course of controlling credit, preventing fraud and routine account administration. We, Our agents and/or their subcontractors, will use the personal information You provide to Us to: (a) process the Order and payments for the Works; and (b) monitor website usage in order to help Us develop the website and the services that We provide to Our customers. 

Part 13: Other Matter If You want to transfer the agreement then this can only be done if we first agree to it in writing. We can transfer or sub-contract all or any part of the agreement if We want to. Any communication must be sent by email or post and will be considered to have been received two days after it is sent. The agreement sets out all terms which have been agreed between You and TG Property Renovations. If and to the extent that any of the terms of the agreement are declared to be void, illegal or otherwise unenforceable then those terms will be treated as being deleted from the agreement and the other terms will continue to apply No person who is not a party to the agreement has any right to enforce any of its terms. The agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between You and TG Property Renovations. 


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